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Starting a new blog category. Look what I’ve found. In this category, I’ll showcase things that look like bugs to me, that I’ve found out there in the wild. I’ll try to do some comments on why I think it is a bug, possible ways to fix them, and how to investigate or where to look. The first bug I’m going to talk about is about an email I got.
I went to my carrier’s website and didn’t remember my password. Asked for a password recovery and I got this email. It’s pretty obvious what’s the issue. They, for some reason, didn’t got my name in there. A few ways to fix it.
  • Remove the comma from the template if we don’t have a name to print out
  • Add a generic greeting like, Hello Friend, if we don’t have a name to print out.
But the reason on why we don’t have a name for the user to print out there has to be also investigated. Code my have a null for that variable or something and assumed it has a name but that name is null or something like that.

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