Best browser add-ons for Testing part. 2

It has been a while since I wrote my first post “Best browser add-ons for web testing”, in fact it’s been a while since I wrote anything at all. But since last time, I’ve found some other useful tools that I want to share now. This time I have five more add-ons to share:

Dummy Form Filler for Firefox / Form Filler for Chrome

These add-ons basically detect forms in the current page and they show a button on your browser. When clicking on that button it generates dummy data and fills the current form with correct data based on the input type declared by the form. Saving you precious seconds and effort coming up with what to type and actually typing it.

Json Viewer

This is very handy when checking reports from automation for example or simply if your testing includes to check or manipulate json files. With this add-on your browser converts your boring monochrome json file into a pretty printed json, with colors and able to open/close brackets to ignore parts of the file.

Tile Tab for Firefox

Title tab is an add-on for Firefox that takes the tabs on the current window and divides the window and shows them all. It’s pretty good for comparing, and it has neat tools like sync scrolling and different tab arrangements. It is full of options on how to arrange the tabs and it has hot-keys for adding a new tab to a tile, or un-tile it and some other very cool options.

Windows Resizer for Chrome

This is a very cool tool that helps you with your responsive testing needs. This little add-on adds a button in your browser that shows you different pre-set browser size configurations. And also adds a tool-tip that shows you the current size while dragging at the bottom right corner of the browser. It has pre-set sizes but you can set your own and add them to the list of presets. It also has a mobile emulation option.

Papier for Chrome

This add-on creates a notepad in your browser that shows when you open a new tab. Is backed up directly on the browser so, no account, no syncing. It’s clean and supports some formatting, but not to extensive. The premise on it is that you always have a quick place to put your thoughts on, no clutter, quick and easy.
Do you have any others in mind? let’s share! leave me a comment below.

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