Filling a form using a CSV on iMacros part 2 (Loops)

On the previous post we already learn how to call a CSV document using the command


 And we also learn that once "declared" the document, we can extract from it, the data of each column, calling each of those columns the following way


 where # is the column number, using this variable in a TAG command. For example:


 When we did this on the previous post, we realized that when clicking on Play button, it only fills the form using just the first line of the CSV document. In this post we will learn how to call each one of the lines of the CSV document creating a "loop" in that way we can use all the document to perform the same task several times.


Filling a form using a CSV Doc with iMacros

In this post I will try to explain how to extract info from a CSV document, and then use that information to fill a form. The CSV documents can contain information in tables, they can be opened with text editors, and/or with Spreadsheet Applications like Excel, Google Docs, etc. It's format is the following:


If Linux was the most used system in the world…

(Original article here)

I understand problems passing from Windows to Linux which was declared by one individual. I felt I should experiment Windows too, since all of my friends are telling me all the time how great it is.

I went to the Microsoft site to download it, but it was not available. I was frustrated because I spent quite a time uselessly trying to find a download link, so I decided to ask my friend and he told me where I can buy it.


To Automate or not to Automate, that is the question

During about the 4 years I have on the Software QA world I've been researching about the new techniques, methodologies, etc., on the field. Since the beginning almost empirically I've found on different articles various techniques, methodologies, terms. But above all of the terms appears one: Automation.

It seems that the trends go there on the Software QA world, and that's what we are going to be doing most. But let's see first what is this all about.

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