The CaVRio my little personal project

When I was a kid I always liked motorcycles, loved them, mostly the sports ones, had my whole room in my parents home full of posters and pictures. But it wasn't until I got my first car that I started to love them. My first car was a Golf MKII very good car. Fast, reliable, but it was kinda old. We had to get rid of it and I got another car, that's when I started to work on my car, started to modify it, install and fix stuff by myself, etc. Then I left that one to my brother and I got my Cabrio. This is a post about that project and his long journey


When I bought it

The interiors

Starting mods

Lowering it the wrong way


After a rain, the short ram intake took some water breaking a connecting rod. It was time to give it a bigger heart. I had to let it sit for a while while waiting for a donor.

Then I found this Jetta VR6 in mint condition

And we started with the transplant

This is how the interior of a dashboard looks like

Patient and donor in the OR

Chest open, ready to receive the new heart


New paint and ready for the new heart


Starting to work in the donor

Putting apart the interior

Removing the heart

Put it into the patient

Putting everything back together

Cables, cables, cables



First start


First run in the quarter mile

After a month, one of the timing chain guides got broke, it skip 2 teeth and...

This is how one of the pistons ended up

Starting again

Así quedaron las válvulas

After some time I found the new engine

Cleaning it up

Removing the broken one

This time we took one step ahead and installed a new timing kit, gaskets, etc


Broken block

Deja vu, waiting for the new engine

Installing the new heart

Putting in back together (again)



After a while, it was on the streets again

After a while on the streets, very stable, no problems, I decided to bring Christmas and buy him some new presents

Headlights with angel eyes, projectors, and HIDs

Carbon fiber hood


VF Engineering motor mounts

Front bumper MK5 Style

Clutch Stage 1 con lightweight flywheel (bad choice)

Headers  6 - 2 - 1

Back lip

Glow Gages

New Momo steering wheel

Reinstalling everything and painting it


Final result