What to look for when starting a i18n project

Hey, everybody! It’s been awhile since my last blog post.  I've been busy with lots of stuff such as becoming a dad to a beautiful little girl (with another on-the-way!), learning more about testing, and actually testing stuff too! But I'll try to come back and write more.

For the past few months I have joined a few testing communities and have observed the same question being asked over-and-over

"I have an upcoming internationalization (a.k.a. i18n) project and I don't know where to start, or what to test."


Remote Starter Hackd Project

From my post in my company's blog

It’s HACKD season again at MeetMe! For those of you that are not familiar with the concept, hackathons are events that some companies, schools, and other organizations put together where people work on the projects they want, like new technologies, inventions, ideas, etc., that they usually doesn’t have time to spend on. I’ve had a project on the back burner for a while that I wanted to work on but, because lack of experience and knowledge (a.k.a self confidence), I never went forward with it.

MeetMe offers HACKD every couple of months and during one of the recent events, I decided to finally work on this project, which I call “Really Remote Starter”.


Parameterization Tools: TestSpicer

Some time ago I talked here about parameterization (or randomization) and why it is important when we are automating. Back then I talked about some tools that we can use to make our tests more random. In my first post about those tools I talked about Generate Data a web tool that basically generates the data and you save it in a file to use it afterwards. In this post, I will talk about TestSpicer a tool that pretty much does the same thing but in a better way by letting us get data during execution.


The CaVRio my little personal project

When I was a kid I always liked motorcycles, loved them, mostly the sports ones, had my whole room in my parents home full of posters and pictures. But it wasn't until I got my first car that I started to love them. My first car was a Golf MKII very good car. Fast, reliable, but it was kinda old. We had to get rid of it and I got another car, that's when I started to work on my car, started to modify it, install and fix stuff by myself, etc. Then I left that one to my brother and I got my Cabrio. This is a post about that project and his long journey


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